“What a nightmare of a dream this year has been.”

How do you deal with being detained and interrogated at LAX, left locked up and terrified with no clue as to why you're there? If you're singer songwriter Anabelle Kay, you write a song about it. 

April 27, 2016. You’re a 25 year old girl travelling alone. You’re at Los Angeles International airport. You’re in a small cell with 10 other men and women who you’ve never met. You’ve just had to throw up in the trash can from fear. For 24 hours you’ve been given no water, no food, and no phone call. No one outside these walls knows you’re here. You arrived over a day ago to catch a connecting flight to meet your boyfriend in Nashville. Yet somehow you end up being interrogated, threatened, intimidated, and locked in a cell. And you have absolutely no idea why this is happening. Why you? What the hell are they accusing you of? And why are they accusing you of all people? 

How would you deal with such a stressful situation?

Anabelle tried turning to songwriting to help her process what she’d just been through, but it didn’t happen as quickly or as easily as she had hoped. 

“Initially the experience affected my writing in a very mind-numbing and scary way” said Anabelle. “I may not have been stopped or questioned at the airport had I not been carrying a guitar, so my PTSD brain started blaming music for everything that happened. It took some time to fall back in love with music.”

The first single A Nightmare Of A Dream was written partly about this experience and partly about the subsequent break up of her long distance relationship. It is a song about blinding love, and the state of denial that can result when things go sour. She pleads, seemingly to herself “You treat me badly, oh Lord knows you do. So why do I keep coming back?” 

Anabelle has now got her mojo back after her harrowing experience at LAX : “I now feel a sense of empowerment and use it as something to draw from in a creative way - to take back some of the power they tried to steal from me that day. Every time I sing A Nightmare Of A Dream it reminds me of what I went through, but it also reminds me that although they tried, they didn’t break me. That’s the power of music I guess.”

A Nightmare Of A Dream reveals a more soul based sound for Anabelle, and was largely recorded live in the studio with a full band including horns and strings. The recording sees Anabelle team up once again with long time producer Michael McGlynn (who also directed the music video), and the results are spectacular - there is a distinct echo of some of the great soul records of the past in the sound and feel of the track. Anabelle’s signature voice is at the forefront and takes the listener on a journey lyrically and sonically as only few vocalists can.

The accompanying music video is simple, beautiful, honest and captivating, showcasing a raw performance of the song by Anabelle over simple colour backgrounds. 

A Nightmare Of A Dream is set to put Anabelle Kay firmly on the map as a truly unique and exciting singer and songwriter deserving of world wide attention.

“By the end of Anabelle Kay’s set, you wanted to break up with your undeserving love and quit your job. I’m not sure if anyone breathed during her entire set” - The Brag

“There’s an indefinable quality that set her voice apart from the pack. A voice that has the feel of pure 60’s folk that will divide but entrance along the way” - Best of the week - Bernard Zuel (Sydney Morning Herald)